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A Soap Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who had only used liquid soap her entire life. One morning she stood in her bathroom to get ready for the day. While washing her hands she read the ingredients label on her liquid soap bottle. She only understood half of the ingredients list and that made her wonder! She quickly researched and came to the conclusion: it was full of nasties! While

standing in her bathroom, she noticed all the plastic bottles surrounding her. She wished for a soap which was all natural, healthy and gentle to the skin.


A few weeks later Wonderbar was born:

a 100% all natural & vegan soap bar made with only skin-loving ingredients! The girl fell in love with her new handmade soap bar and quickly ditched the liquid soap! It was never to be seen again. She quickly learned that Wonderbar was an allrounder, so she began to use the soap under the shower, as hand & face wash and even as shaving foam! 

She lived happily ever after. 

                Your Wonderbar Girl 


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