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  • What is Wonderbar?
    Wonderbar is a 100% all natural & vegan cold process soap. We use coconut & olive oil, natural botanicals, purifying earth clays and natural essential oils. We are all about skin-loving ingredients! Our soap is handmade in small batches, which ripen for one month before they are lovingly packed. Every soap bar is hand cut and therefore unique.
  • Are all your products vegan?
    Yes! All our products are vegan friendly! :)
  • How do I store my Soap?
    Use a soap dish that drains well so your soap can dry between uses. Never let a soap bar sit in a puddle of water. If you follow these simple rules, you will have happy & long lasting soap!
  • Is your packaging eco-friendly?
    Yes! Our packaging is eco-friendly. It is FSC certified and made from 92% recycled paper. Love your planet! ♥
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